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Weltec Engineering was established in Waterford, Ireland in 2000 and has grown steadily since then in size and reputation as a leading mechanical, electrical and process engineering and contracting company.

 Our experience has developed from originally doing only MEP contracting to offering full turnkey and design and build solutions. Therefore accommodating all construction activities including Design, CSA and MEP on existing and new installations.

The company was founded and is managed by engineers who have a “hands on” approach to project delivery and the key aspects safety and quality management.

With offices in Waterford, Dublin, Cork and London and more than 200 directly employed skilled tradespeople, our business model has evolved to meet the requirements of our blue chip Client base and repeat Customers.

Our Mission

At Weltec Engineering our Mission is to  deliver world class quality engineering and process services projects.  Our teams strive to  deliver all projects safely and on time and in doing so earn and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients.

Highest quality projects delivered safely and on time while always meeting client expectations.

Our Core Values

Like every organisation our core values define our culture and shape our standards of behaviour.   Developing the best people within the framework of our core values has been the cornerstone of our development.  We are very much a people and relationship focused business in which challenges are met and performance is driven by committed and well prepared teams of people.  


At Weltec respecting other’s abilities and working collaboratively as a team that is united in a common purpose is the lifeblood of our organization.  

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”


In order to keep our people and those we work alongside safe & well, to ensure we complete our projects to the required standards, programme and budget, taking the time to obsessively plan ever detail is critical to the success of every task and project.

“When we Fail to prepare, we are preparing to fail”


At Weltec we aim to exercise judgment to ensure that our decisions are guided by the customer requirements and by the highest Safety, Quality & Environmental Standards.

Trustworthiness is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking”

Continual Improvement

We continuously seek a better way.   A spirt of innovation is allied to a focus on customer feedback and objective fact-based analysis.    

“Steadiness and objectivity underpinning incremental well-executed change”

Exceeding Expectations

Going the Extra mile, always doing more than is required and giving our customers more than they expect to get.

Mediocrity is everywhere. Success is found in the pursuit of excellence”


Shane Ryan

Operations Director

Joe McGivney

General Manager, Electrical

Greg Quinlan

Proposals Manager

John Murphy

Quality Director

Darragh Martin

Marketing Manager

weltec safety ethos main image

We strive everyday to ensure the workplace is a Safe environment

Safety Ethos

We strive everyday to ensure the workplace is a safe environment for all our people and those we work alongside.   At Weltec, we believe that safety innovation comes from individuals and teams and we continuously and actively encourage all our staff members to provide their input and point of view for increased safety performance. We believe that diverse perspectives leads to broader and more informed thinking and this allied to our culture of Continuous Improvement sets Weltec apart as leader in Health and Safety management.


Clear, effective and continuous communication with all our employees of our safety objectives and the desired work practices that will safeguard their health and wellbeing is every bit as important as the policies, procedures and safety management system that underpins world class safety performance.


We have been recognized year after year with Health & Safety awards including being the first Mechanical & Electrical Contractor to win the All Ireland Presidents Safety Award for the second time in three years enhancing our reputation for operating to the highest safety standards.

Our guarantee of the highest quality standards

Quality Assurance

At Weltec our quality management system is our guarantee of the highest quality standards across all disciplines and all projects.   Underpinned by our Core Values of Preparation, Exceeding Expectations and Continual Improvement our people strive to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality services and workmanship.

Our system is independently certified by NSAI to ISO9001:20015 standards. This means we have independently-verified quality system in place across all our projects, from the quality plan, test and inspection matrix, installation checks, materials receipt verification, materials and work traceability, red lines, walkdowns, testing, commissioning to final handover.

Digital QA

At Weltec we have embraced the advantages of the digital age, integrating internet and mobile technology into our construction quality control plans.   As all projects move from paper drawings and documentation to digital and internet technology, quality assurance and quality control have become more effective and better at mitigating risks than ever before.

We have made major investments in digital construction processes including BIM, Contract Management software system and test pack generation software for all our projects. Along with improving overall project efficiency and quality this also provides greater visibility and traceability for clients throughout the entire construction build process.


At Weltec we recognize the responsibility placed upon all of us to protect and enhance the environment for future generations.   As an Engineering and Construction company we have an important role to play to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the construction industry.

We are committed to taking account of all the possible environmental implications of our project work and to ensure that potential adverse environmental impacts are comprehensively risk assessed, mitigation steps taken and opportunities for delivering environmental improvements are maximised.

We recognise the value inherent in the design and construction of sustainable engineering projects and where possible support the integration of sustainability into the building and engineering design process.

We have considerable experience in delivering BREEAM and LEED accredited buildings.  

We are accredited to internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS) a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organisation’s products, services and processes.

We firmly believe that our environmental and sustainability goals are key to ensuring, that as a company, we promote a continuous cycle of improvement, aimed at developing work practices and options that are less wasteful, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.